Is Retrouvaille only for catholics/Christians?

We are often been told, “This is a christian institution, so this must be only for catholics or christians”.  So, is Retrouvaille only for catholics/Christians?

The short answer is No. Retrouvaille is for every married couple irrespective of their beliefs, religion, caste or creed.

Retrouvaille India

Retrouvaille focuses on the marriage and not religion. It is a skillfully crafted three phase program that primarily focuses on your spousal relationship.

Retrouvaille, however is a catholic based not-for profit organization and we do have a catholic priest along with our presenting couples to run the program.

What we are not:

No conversion:

Retrouvaille India

We are not looking to convert anyone nor answer questions on Christianity. Our intention is to help couples who are looking to build their relationships with their married partner, and we also cater to hurting couples who have considered separation or divorce. We provide an environment for couples to enhance, mend and heal- no matter what phase you are in your marriage.

It is not a retreat/vacation:

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While we may conduct our services in a hotel/suitable accommodation, this is not a couples retreat/ vacation! So no, there is no spa services but yes we will try our best to make you comfortable for you to attend our program and we will provide a peaceful environment throughout our program.

Not a meditation center:

retrouvaille india

We are also not a meditation center with a ‘quick-fix’ inner peace. Unfortunately, marriage does not work on a quick-fix and we don’t do that here.

Not expected to share:

retrouvaille india

You are also not expected to share any of your problems with any of the presenting couples, we respect your privacy but we do greatly encourage to share and communicate with your life partner and will support you through our three -phase program.

Retrouvaille aims to inspire every couple attending our program who use our unique tools and techniques make a complete benefit out of it. By attending our program, we will help you to connect with your partner and provide a platform for a deeper level of communication. We also provide you a peaceful set up to dialogue with your partner. It is advisable to complete all three phases to make full advantage of retrouvaille.

So the long answer is; Retrouvaille is for all! Our focus is on marriage irrespective of what your religion or belief is!

Contact us for any further information, we are happy to help!