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“We do not know how to thank you, but believe us, we are very very grateful and indebted to you all! We never knew that the nitty gritty of marriage is so vast. And the post session on 10th was more than an eye opener. Knowing ones’ self, knowing the Family Of Origin, of ones’ personality style, of one’s weakness and strength are but the beginning of wisdom..so we understand. And the results of your ( as well as ours) labour is already started to show off! So here is again a Big Thanks to all.
Thank you also for your kind prayers (even with fasting) for people like us to lead a happy, meaningful and wonderful married life.

God bless you all in abundance.”

– *Sebastian & Ria

Testimonial -Retrouvaille India
“I feel it is not too late to thank you all for the sincere and invaluable efforts you all have taken for bringing more understanding towards the healthy working of a married relationship. The weekend session and the post weekend sessions have opened our eyes to have more coordinated efforts between us(husband and wife) to better our relationship daily which will benefit not only us, but also our children and those families we interact with.”
*George & Saritha
Healing Heart
Healing -Retrouvaille India

“Let me express our heartfelt gratitude to all the organizers of the Retrouvaille event … It was an important milestone in our journey as a married couple. It helped us to refocus on the essentials of why we are together and what  we need to do to nourish  that further. Thank you for the prayers, the sincere efforts you have put into this” 

*-Parvathi & Mahesh

” I have learnt a lot from Retrouvaille weekend conducted by you today.Every couple irrespective of their ages ought to attend these kinds of programs to safeguard & nurture ones married life.The earlier, the better for the couples. I personally & as couples thank you for all your selfless efforts to bring happiness to each couple you meet”

-*Sara & Ren

Marriage-Retrouvaille India

*Note : Names of couples are changed to maintain anonymity. All information provided to Retrouvaille India remains confidential, please read our privacy policy to know more.

“We are grateful for our presenting team, our priests and all our participants who have benefitted from our program. Our aim is to help couples to enhance and grow in intimacy in their respective marriages. Where healing is required to bring healing to hurt couples with the aid of our communication tools and techniques”  -Retrouvaille India| Bengaluru